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Continuing Education  

Continuing Education is the most powerful marketing opportunity available to the construction product industry. The marketplace is swamped with proprietary, generic, and highly biased "marketing programs" of poor quality and minimal effectiveness. Excellent, high quality, educationally sound programs clearly differentiate between competitors and are highly effective marketing tools that demonstrate industry expertise not product expertise. AIA/CES programs are a very effective branding tool in this marketplace. Design professionals want product manufacturers to present product "knowledge and application" not "features and benefits".

MCA provides the following support services for AIA/CES program development:

  1. Program topic identification and validation of "knowledge and application" content.
  2. Program content based on research, focus groups, interviews, or surveys.
  3. Identifying Adult/Professional Learner needs and perceptions
  4. Basic program outline development and testing
  5. Presentation materials (samples, visuals, video, exercises)
  6. Handouts and reference materials
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