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Guide Specifications  

Specifications are the most effective marketing tool available to construction product manufacturers. MCA produces industry standard, CSI 3-part guide specifications that provide the specifier with the "knowledge and application" information necessary to appropriately specify products. Irrelevant competitive issues and confusing features and benefits are eliminated from the specification. Design critical features, relevant benefits, and key industry competitive issues are clearly stated in Specifier and Editing Notes. A high quality, effective guide specification offers a competitive advantage by immediately differentiating product guide specifications from the typical, low quality, marketing type specifications prevalent today. Guide Specifications are an excellent educational tool to demonstrate and communicate "knowledge and application". In the final analysis, if the product is not specified, the marketing effort is a failure.

Technical Data Sheets

Drawing on years of experience developing CSI SpecData® Sheets, MCA provides technical data sheets in an industry recognized format that clearly and effectively communicates the critical technical "knowledge and application" to the design professionals. When developed as an ensemble, technical data sheets and guide specifications are the most effective specification and educational marketing tools available to the construction product industry.

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